World Without Language Barriers? In-Ear Device Will Translate Foreign Languages for You!

A World with translators like from StarTrek? This sounds more like a Sci-Fi rather than near future, right?

But Scientists from WaverlyLabs say something different. Their simple but brilliant In-Ear device is called The Pilot and is capable of translating between users speaking different languages. The pre-order will be available on 25th May, and the real product should hit the shelves in September.

The gadget consists of two earpieces, charger and app. So whenever you need a translator, you just put the little thing in your ear and voilá! For now, it will allow real-time translations in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

But still, this sounds to me more like a science-fiction. Is some invention really capable of correctly translating between languages? How can you implement a whole language into the single device? Is it even possible? How it will work, and are the developers planning on developing translations even for other languages? We can guess, but only time will tell.

If you are curious about the price, the initial cost should be something like $129 for all Early-birds (you can apply here). Otherwise, you will have to pay $249-$299 for retail product in September.


Video featuring ‘The Pilot’



This useful app will help you toggle through the languages.



Do you remember the Babelfish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?



Color variations for everyone!



This remind me of the IT Crowd episode, when Jen spoke Italian. Do you remember she was using a laptop instead of ear-device?


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