Spanish Adjectives Vocabulary

Adjectives are important in every language. Learn them online or click here: Spanish Adjectives to download them.

The more often you will repeat them the faster you will learn them!

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Spain Español

English English
Spain Español
English English
Pequeño Small Grande Big
Alto Tall Bajo Low
Delgado Slim Gordo Fat
Largo Long Corto Short
Feliz Happy Triste Sad
Bueno Good Mal Bad
Guapo Pretty Feo Ugly
Joven Young Mayor Old (person)
Nuevo New Viejo Old (thing)
Rico Rich Pobre Poor
Divertido Amusing Aburrido Borring
Caliente Warm Frío Cold
Rápido Fast Lento Slow
Fácil Easy Difícil Hard
Inteligente Clever Tonto Stupid
Seguro Confident Tímido Shy
Barato Cheap Caro Barato
Delicioso Delicious Asqueroso Disgusting
Claro Bright Oscuro Dark
Peludo Hairy Calvo Bald
Posible Possible Imposible Impossible
Dulce Sweet Amargo Bitter

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