The Most Up-To-Date and Detailed Rocket Languages Review – Does It Really Pay Off?

Well, if you are serious about buying Rocket Languages course then you are at the right place.

As a proud owner or Rocket Spanish and now even Rocket Chinese, I am delighted to bring to you the most detailed and up to date Rocket Languages review ever written. 

The following text will answer all your questions and help you decide whether it's a good idea or not.

I wrote down every strong and weak aspect of Rocket Languages with a simple how-to guide to get the maximum of their courses.

What Is Rocket Languages (And Why Should You Care)?

In just few words, Rocket Languages is like having an interactive language learning compendium with features like voice recognition, revisions, flashcards, progress tracking, phrase finder, vocabulary builder, forum, support and handy mobile app.

From my own experience, I can say that this is one of the most versatile online language courses out there covering more than 150 lessons and 150 hours of classes.

Review Summary

Product Name:

Rocket Languages

Product Type:

Language Course


$ 99 .95

If you want to take your language proficiency to next level, Rocket Languages is a must have course in your artillery.

It focuses on saving you time and money and showing you the perfect learning style to get results that really matter.

More Than 12 Languages To Choose From

​Rocket Languages offers courses for more than 12 languages such as Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, German, French, English, Chinese, Arabic and Sign language where most of them are divided into 3 levels of proficiency.

​Price varies from $99.95 for level 1 up to $259.90 for all 3 levels. However, sometimes Rocket Languages offer a special 60% sale where you can get the whole language course for just few bucks.

If you wish to get latest steals and deals to your mail box then subscribe below. I promise, I will send you email whenever such promotion is available so you can take the advantage.

Limited offer subscription option

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Don't pay more than you have to!

​Since Rocket Languages was recently updated, and is no longer that 'old-school' course, I decided to buy Rocket Chinese to give you the latest review. 

Very Friendly And Easy To Navigate Interface

​What I like about Rocket Languages is the recent update of their dashboard, which is now noob-friendly and very easy to navigate.

You can easily find everything you need with just one click.

Apart from the innovative dashboard, I see huge progress in support and forum (more on this topic below).

Rocket Languages - New Dashboard

However, nothing is perfect as it seems. I really lack a 'Return' or 'Continue to next lesson' button.

Now, If you wish to proceed to next lesson, you must return to the dashboard and manually find the follow up. I find this really annoying whenever you finish the lesson.

Exceptional Audio Content Presents the Language in Its True Light

The biggest weapon of Rocket Languages are high-quality and catchy audio recordings.

We all know that accurate pronunciation, vocabulary and speaking are crucial aspects to master any foreign language.

This goal fulfills Rocket Languages just perfectly.

Rocket Review - Interactive Audio Lessons

​The course consists of several modules and each module is divided into sub-parts where you practice real-life situations such as booking a room in a hotel or meeting new people.

Each lesson takes approximately 20 minutes, which is long enough to repeat sufficiently and to not become annoyed at the same time. After finishing the module comes a revision exam where you test your recently gained knowledge.

Absolutely brilliant thing is that you listen to a native speaker, who also explains basics of grammar and teaches you how to maintain a conversation. In other words, lessons emphasize mainly listening, speaking and enlarging vocabulary.

Rocket Languages - Type of lessons

This helped me a lot to become self-confident when speaking with other people.

I would also like to stress that every lesson is divided into several lesser exercises and each provides different learning experience.

Exercises That Are Waiting For You:

  • Hear It Say It! - Simple exercise focused on learning new vocabulary and proper pronunciation. It's very helpful and easy to use. It's pretty much like the flashcards with rating system. You just play the tutor audio, then record yourself and compare with him.
  • Write It! - Exercise where you write what you hear. This helps you to understand sentence structures and improve your writing.
  • Know It! - Translating exercise that tests your vocabulary by pronouncing words/phrases in the given language.
  • ​Quiz – There can't be a good course without a small revision after each lesson.
  • Play It! - My favorite part where you see the real progress by taking part in a real conversation. Don't have a foreign friend with whom you can talk? Never mind, you have Rocket Languages!

Nevertheless, I quite miss more reading and writing related lessons. I would welcome for example some interactive articles with true/false or fill-in exercises.

Downloadable MP3 Audio Lessons and Easily Printable PDFs

I find very positive the fact that wherever I go, I always have Rocket Languages at hand, since I can use it not only on my computer but also on my tablet or smart phone.

Keep in mind that you are not restricted to online access.

The course itself provides downloadable MP3 audio records and printable PDFs with vocabulary, therefore you are able to use every bit of content offline.

Just from my experience, when I was travelling to China I had downloaded few lessons to my tablet and I used the spare time in the airplane to learn new vocabulary and useful phrases that I utilized later on my trip.

Try Rocket Languages Right Now  

Life-Time Trial Access Is Waiting For You.

Developers Finally Implemented Smart Speech Recognition Software

In order to get the maximum of Rocket Languages you need one important thing and that is a microphone. I definitely recommend you to get one, otherwise you will lose the possibility to record yourself and check your progress in pronunciation, which is finally possible with the new built-in speech recognition system.

Rocket Review - Speech Recognition Score

Need to mention, when I ran across Rocket Languages a year ago, this was a little bit messy and outdated learning tool with huge drawbacks.

I swear to god that it was probably the only course that had not this speech recognition software implemented!

People behind Rocket Languages have come a long way in the last year and improved their courses significantly.

This means that your voice is not only perfectly recognized, but you also have a special option that allows you to set the difficulty level of 'Rocket Record' to suit your learning style.

Rocket Review - Speech Difficulty Tool

Despite this perfect tool, I still had few hard times with the recognition system. Even though I tried as much as I could pronouncing the word accurately, it was still wrong.

After dozen of tries, I decided to skip it and learn it later.

So if you are a hothead like me, I suggest you not to rage and immediately skip the tricky word/phrase. Or what's better, add it to 'My Vocab'.

And this is another fancy feature I would like to tell you about.

Save Every Tricky Phrase to Vocab and Practice Later

I was pretty impressed by this inconspicuous tab in the left panel.

There are 2 important things you can do only with Rocket Languages...

Rocket Review - My Vocab Feature

...either save a phrase to your vocabulary list, get back to it later, export the list, or just revise the proper pronunciation...

Rocket Review - Add to My Vocab Feature

...or you can use the search bar and find exact phrase you're looking for.

Rocket Review - Search Tool

It works flawlessly.

As you can see, I typed there a simple expression 'where are' and got back all phrases containing the search query.

Speaking for myself, with this smart feature I am able to create my custom vocabulary list and export it as .CSV file for later use. It's handy when I travel or when I lack an internet connection.

You Can Train Vocabulary With Built-in FlashCards

Each lesson has additional FlashCard exercise where you can easily revise. You can go through learned vocabulary and test yourself.

In addition, you have some additional translating settings you can adjust. It's up to you what you want to revise.

Rocket Languages Review - FlashCards Feature

It's pretty straightforward tool. You likely know that from other language learning courses. 

Rocket Languages Mobile App Is Almost Perfect Pretty Outdated

Rocket Review - Mobile App Feedback

With every Rocket Languages course comes a downloadable iOS/Android app that should serve as handy language assistant. But that's not true.

It looks to me like somebody created the app in a hurry 5 years ago and left it without any modifications.

The App lacks almost all above mentioned features such as My Vocab, Flash Cards, Notifications, or Speech Recognition tool. Not to mention that syncing your progress with desktop tool also doesn't work.

No wonder people rated the app with grade 3,8.

But still, we can at least easily access the excellent audio lessons from our smart phones.

I am very disappointed to say that but for better mobile experience, I would suggest downloading Duolingo or other fancy mobile app to practice when you don't have access to the desktop interface.

Overall the comprehensive audio and the desktop features absolutely outweigh this negative aspect.

Rocket Review - Microphone Rercording
Rocket Review - Comprehensive Audio Lessons
Rocket Review - Interactive Mobile Menu

Earn Points, Compare Yourself To Other Learners and Track Your Learning Streak

Rocket Languages provides sophisticated score system that allows you to earn badges.

By completing exercises you obtain points, which determines your skill level and afterwards you can compare yourself with other users.

This is a great way to track your progress and to see how well you perform in the Leaderboard.

Rocket Languages Score System

And not only in the leaderboard.

But what about your daily goal and daily progress?

Rocket didn't even forget about this popular feature and implemented a small grey circle in the left panel where you can set your daily points goal.

Having your daily goal set can significantly help with your motivation to continue in studying and maybe beat the longest streak ever achieved.

Who knows?

It's great to challenge yourself and meet your expectations.

Unfortunately, when upgrading from Trial to Premium version your progress will reset and you will have to go through each completed lesson again. Therefore, I would recommend considering to buy the full version right away.

How Rocket Languages Truly Stands Against Its Competitors?

For past week, I've been examining almost every language course on the internet to give you honest and objective opinion.

In the final comparison with Rocket Languages, I picked its biggest competitors, which are Rosetta Stone, Babbel and Pimsleur. 

Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone vs Babbel vs Pimsleur

Rocket Languages

Rosetta Stone



Downloadable Lessons

Grammar Lessons

Role-Playing Lessons

Mobile App

Live Online Tutoring

Daily Progress Tracking

Lifetime Access

12 Months

1 Month

Live Support


99.95 USD

215 USD

12.95 USD

119.95 USD

Who is the winner?

It's obvious. For me, it's definitely Rocket Languages.

The only drawback is that Rocket doesn't provide Online Tutoring, but is it really necessary in the era of Facebook? You can easily find someone on social networks. For free without paying extra cash for some additional conversation. ​

Let's sum this review up. 

To be honest, Rocket Languages is the most comprehensive language learning system available.

For reasonable price you get very sophisticated software that covers the main aspects of language learning with best features on the market.

The true gem of Rocket Languages, comprehensive role-playing audio records, takes you further day after day. 

All you need to do to reach your goals and speak like native is a little bit of your effort every day!


Are you ready?​

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