Places in France that You WANT To Visit!

France is said to be the country of love, art and culture. With how liberal it is, people are free to express themselves. If you happen to be travelling to Europe either for vacation or business, France is a country that you must visit. Each destination has its own specialty, be it with food, architecture, or performance.


City center of Paris with Eiffel tower in the distance.

Paris, the capital city of France and center of the world’s fashion and fine arts. In Paris city center you are able to enjoy shopping for high-end products, or take part in art exhibitions and fashion shows.

The main destinations you have to visit in Paris is the glowing Eiffel tower constructed in 1889.

You can go to the very top via elevators and enjoy the bright lights of the city from the observation decks. It is a very romantic place for couples.

Another famous place worth visiting is the Louvre museum. It itself is a historical building opened in 1792 and home to the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

However, in terms of age, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is hands down the most historical site as it was established in 1345, with its construction taking around 200 years.



Nice, a city on the French Riviera is well-known for its breathtaking beaches and culinary. In Nice, you can experience year-long sunshine, unlike other parts of the northern hemisphere, and the archaic and urban style of architecture.

Nice, France.

In the French Riviera, you will be able to enjoy sightings on the beach and a lot of recreational attractions such as casinos and night clubs. Another must-go place is the Promenade des Anglais. It is a walkway along the Mediterranean coast of Nice where you can stroll and enjoy views of the ocean. People walk, ride bicycles, and skateboards along La Promenade.



Tours is located in the center of France. In its north is the Loire river and bordering on the south is the Cher river. Tours is known for its historical values as well as numerous chateaus and castles. Tours is also known for its people, who are said to speak the “purest” form of French. For example in Paris people speak with pronunciations that have been affected by other accents.

One of the historical gems in France – the Loire Valley castles.

Tours is also known as the Garden of France. It has a lot of parks in the city and one of the most famous gardens is one in the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours museum. The garden is home to the stuffed elephant Fritz and also a cedar tree that is said to be planted by Napoleon himself.


What you should know…

Before visiting this country and viewing its splendor first hand, we recommend that you learn at least the basics of French language. People argue that French is a difficult language to master but by learning French you are showing that you appreciate its culture and the people in it. It will also make your travelling much easier as the locals will be more likely to help you if you say bonjour first.

french flat

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