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Hi, my name is Jan, I am 21 years-old Czech and I am an amateur traveler. My current travel is a 3 months travelling in Asia (5.7. – 5.10). In this period I am going to visit: Mongolia, China, Thailand and India. In this journey I will spend approx. 3 weeks in each country.

After this travelling period I will move to Zambia, Africa, to work as a volunteer for 6 months. All this is possible due to the fact that I am attending a volunteer program under DRH-Norway (drh-norway.org). This program consists of several periods including working, studies, travelling and project. You can read all about it on the web mentioned above.


In the following posts I will try to share my experience and ideas about each country I visit. In this article let me talk about why I chose these countries and what do I plan to find there:


I was always interested in the nomadic style of living. Some people in Mongolia (20-30%) are still living this way of life. It hasn’t change a lot for thousands of years and I hope to find out why is it still so popular. Not to mention that Mongolia is famous for its unspoiled natural beauty.

The plan is to spend some days in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Than go camping to a nearby national park – Terelj. And in the end spend around two weeks in the Khogsvol lake area (a huge lake in the northwest of the country)


I chose China as the second country, because it borders with Mongolia and it is the base of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It also has some interesting and important sights and monuments (e.g. Forbidden City, the Great wall, the Terracotta army…). It is also, in my opinion, the most important country in the future.

In China we wanted to spend the first week by sightseeing. First in Beijing and then in Xi’an, the most of the time in China we would like to spend in the countryside in the Yunnan province near Kunming. If we find time and means we would also like to stop in Chengdu, to see the Giant Panda base.


The motive to go to Thailand is very simple. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and it is very famous for its beaches and other touristic attractions.

We plan on spending one week in Bangkok. Apart from visiting the important sights we also need to take our Indian visa there. Then we will move to the south, near to Ko Lanta. We found a project on workaway.info there.


The reasons to visit India are very similar to those to visit China. It is a very big country, important in markets and needed to be count with in the future. And it also emerges from one of the oldest and most prosperous civilizations in the world. Therefore it also has some very old and cool places to visit.

In India we will first spend one week in Calcutta, working in and orphanage (workaway). After that we would like to move to the Darjeeling area, to see the tea plantations. And the last week of our stay in India we would like to visit the Thar Desert in the northwest of the country.


As I mentioned earlier, in the following posts I will send reports about my journeys and all the things I found out. I will also add photo/video documentation of my travels. I hope you will find my articles somewhat useful if you wish to subscribe check right panel for more info. And I am looking forward to your comments.


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