Great Italian Attractions for Picky Tourists

The Italian Republic is an European center of fashion, history, art, wine and food. It is special for so many things and is totally worthy to visit. This beautiful country lies in the southern Europe in subtropical climate.

If you would like to discover more about Italy then we recommend you to read theses interesting facts about Italy.

But lets stick to the Italian attractions!


Fashion = Italian treasure

Italy has the shape of a shoe – maybe that is why Italians are so passionate not only for shoes but fashion at all.

This south-european country is home to the world’s most famous fashion designers and labels – names like Gucci, Versace, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel and many others definitely sound familiar to you.

Gucci’s street shop in Italy.

If you are a fan of fashion too, visit Milan, which has been chosen as the top fashion capital of the world. In Milan is also held an amazing fashion week twice a year.

Other cities that offers lots of fashion shops and is great for luxury shopping are Rome and Florence.


Venice – The City on Water

Venice is the Italian city composed of 118 small islands, which are separated by canals and connected by historical bridges.

Venice is one of the main tourist destinations in Italy. In average there are more than 50,000 tourists a day, who come to enjoy the beauties of this historical and picturesque city.

The most common transport vehicle in Venice is boat called gondola.

There are many things to see, such as St Mark’s Basilica, the Piazza San Marco or the Grand Canal which you can cross on the typical gondola.


Historical Rome

The capital city of Italy is full of interesting places worth to visit. You can choose from many museums, churches, historical buildings or palaces.

Majestic Colosseum in the capital city of Italy – Rome.

On your visit to Rome don’t miss out the Colosseum. As it is dominant of the city. Rome has also rich history, you can discover lots of interesting facts and myths about its foundation.


italian flat

Tasty Food wherever You Go

Italian cuisine is one of the most healthy, light and delicious in the world. Most meals consist of fresh vegetable, olive oil, spices and fish. Also cheeses are used a lot, e.g. parmigiano.

Traditional Italian food.
Traditional Italian food.

Among the most typical meals are pizza and pasta.

Nowadays, they are spread and favorite all over the world. There are many different ingredients used in them, but the most often are basil, cheese, tomatoes and olive oil as well as garlic.


The Italian habits and tips how to look like an Italian


Whenever you enter the store, the restaurant or you are introduced to someone you should say buongiorno (good day) or buonasera (good evening – after lunch time- 1p.m.)


In Italy you will see many times people air-kissing each other on their cheeks. This is how they greet their friends and because Italians are very warm people, don’t be surprised if they will give you a kiss as well. This means that they respect you!

Starter, main and dessert 

Always order three-course meals when eating in Italy where eating is considered as a social occasion. And remember to say buon appetito before starting a meal.


Coffee usually goes with every meal you eat. But remember that coffee with milk – cappuccino or cafe latte- is allowed only in the morning during the breakfast time.


Wherever you are invited don’t forget to bring a present – a flower, a bottle of wine, whatever. You will show that you appreciate the invitation.


Noise, rush, life… typical adjectives used to describe Italy do not apply during the siesta time, usually after midday meal, when Italians go home for a lunch and maybe a nap.

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