Budgetling – 3 Money-Saving Methods How to find Cheap Air-flight Tickets in less than 2 minutes (Pictures Included)

In this guide I would like to show you how to save money on flights and find the best deals available.

The war is raging between flying companies. They try to undercut each other and provide customer the best experience.

This proverb perfectly depicts this situation – ”Two dogs fight for a bone, and a third runs away with it.” And what can we do? Take the advantage!

We are the ‘third dog’ that will run away with their cheap flights!

What You Will Learn

  • What is Budgetling
  • How to find ridiculously Cheap Flights
  • How to set automatic notifications and get best deals into your mailbox
  • How to find all flights compared by price
  • How to save your time and $$ with my favourite 1-minute tool
  • What you should know before buying a flight ticket
  • A bunch of traveling tips you won’t find anywhere else


Curious, what is it? It is a magical word, and if you say it three times consecutively you will be able to fly!

No, just kidding! 

It’s an expression that I ‘invented’ to make things simpler.

In other words, it means traveling on a budget. A very popular phenomen recently.

I read very often either on the internet or in the daily news that someone traveled the world with very low money.

Is it even possible?

Yes, it definitely is! And it’s pretty easy, you just need to start.

Is there a catch?

Nope, absolutely not. I’ve heard people complain they don’t have enough money to enjoy beautiful vacation. If you plan your trip properly and in advance, you can save a lot of money for something else like better accommodation.

If you really want to find some bargains fares and rip off the big flying companies, you only need to be flexible on the days you want to fly.

Be flexible on the days you want to fly.

The only problem is that the flight can depart tomorrow or in next 3 months. Even one-day difference can play a significant role in your savings.

Nobody’s perfect

From time to time, air companies offer flight tickets with a big sale or what’s better, they unwillingly offer ‘’error’’ fares.

What does that mean?

The explanation is pretty simple, the person/computer, which is behind creating and editing flight tickets, made a mistake. This means that these special offers won’t last too long as it is very quickly edited to the correct price.

There are few reasons why it could happen:

  • Human error  
  • Computer error
  • Currency conversion error

Nevertheless, that’s where we should take our chance and buy them immediately. You may think that it’s about luck to reveal such opportunities!  – Not exactly.

Nobody is perfect. Error flights are very common if you know how to find them.
Nobody is perfect. Error flights are very common if you know how to find them.

I will show you how you can find either fares in sale or error flight tickets. We will go through a search process to find these, and how to get automatic notifications via email whenever they are available, so you can take advantage and buy them immediately.

Are there risks to booking error fares? Can they get cancelled?

Yes, there is always a little chance, but this doesn’t happen very often. If an airline ever decides to amend your booking, your ticket will be canceled and refunded.

Remember, when you book an error fare, don’t hurry with booking a hotel or with renting a car. First, you need to wait for your confirmation email.

When buying an error fare, do not hurry with booking the hotel. Wait for confirmation email.

Just because you bought a flight ticket, doesn’t mean an airway will keep that price. The whole confirmation might take up to a few days, so don’t worry if you don’t receive it immediately.

The of key budgetling is being patient as well as smart.

Ready to reveal the trick? 

First off, I love this method because it’s simple and pretty straightforward. Basically, we will use Facebook for our purposes.

But how can we find cheap fares on Facebook? – We will use FB pages about traveling and flying.

From my own experience, I was able to enjoy beautiful vacation in countries such as Thailand, Amsterdam, London, New York, and what’s great, it only cost me 1/5 of the real price.

Furthermore, if you have Facebook App installed on your smart phone, you will get notifications immediately.

To start I found the best joining this FB page – Fly4Free. They share great deals every hour or so. They also have a website where you can find other useful articles.

You can do this pretty much with every FB page you like.

One more tip, if English is not your native language, you can find pages like Fly4Free also in your mother tongue, which usually post deals from your country.

To give an illustration, I live in Czech Republic so I joined Honzovy Letenky, which is a page that is in Czech and shares latest flight deals from Czech Republic and surrounding airports.

In the step below I will show you how to set automatic notifications, see them first, and how to subscribe to newsletter.

Facebook Method Step by Step

1. Open Fly4Free or page you have found in your web browser and like their page.


2. Then click on the little arrow in the Like button. Tick ‘IN YOUR NEWS FEED’ -> See first, and ‘NOTIFICATIONS’ -> All on (All Posts, Events).


Now, you should get all notifications and see them right away. If you find more interesting pages like this one, you can do the same with them as I mentioned before.

3. If you wish to get these great deals via email, click on the ‘Newsletterpanel.


4. Fill in your email address, set how often you want to be notified. Set what suits you best – few emails a day might be too spammy but you will get lots of interesting deals.


5. Voilà! And you are done. Just make sure you have confirmed the newsletter in your inbox.


Want to find all fares available compared by price? 

I am a whim-traveler and I often decide on a trip when I see the deal. However, if you wish to find fares right away, I highly recommend you to use Skyscanner. It indeed ‘scans the sky’.

In other words, Skyscanner is a web-tool and so far the best tool out there to find all flight tickets. For this reason, a proper setting can find one of the cheapest flight tickets available.

Moreover, you can see prices of all fares up to several months in advance.

Skyscanner Method Step by Step

I will show you how to compare prices and find one of the cheapest fares available with this Skyscanner widget below.


1. It consists of several parts – From/To location, date of Departure/Return, Passengers, and other tabs if you wish to find hotels or hire a car. If you’re not yet decided where you want to travel, write ‘Everywhere’ in the ‘To’ box.


2. In order to see the best deals, click on the small calendar next to the ‘Depart date’. Here you can select Today/Tomorrow/In a week/Whole month/Whole year. I recommend you to select the last option so that we can keep a track of all flights with prices. When done, proceed and hit the ‘Search button. 


3. You will get redirected to the page, where you can choose from various travel destinations. For our purposes, I’ll pick Netherlands as I had there a great time with my friends.


4. Choose a city and proceed to next step.4

5. Now choose the date that suits you best. Sometimes the price needs to be checked. That doesn’t mean it’s not available! Just play with it little bit and you will find what you were looking for.  


6. From my own experience, when you proceed to see the flight details the price can change afterwards a little bit. Just look below. Even though the fare should cost $84, the Skyscanner has found even cheaper flight tickets from EasyJet. This means the we actually saved additional $15.


As I mentioned before, using Skyscanner need some tweaking from your side, and also testing. Notice that even though the price seemed ‘final’, the tool was able to find even lower price.

What you should check before buying a ticket: 

  1. Size of accepted baggage
    • Check what type of luggage you can take. For example, with low-cost airlines you are mostly allowed to have one cabin luggage(max. dimensions +-55 x 40 x 20 cm) for free.  If you have bigger baggage you then have to pay extra fee.
  2. Is it roundtrip or one-way? 
  3. Are there any other restrictions? 

Now, you should know great methods how to find cheap flights, get notifications, and emails with the best deals. Your traveling future is up to you know!

If you have any questions you can contact me or leave a comment below! Every feedback is welcome!

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