Great Opportunity! Study Chinese language in China with CLI Programs!

There is a common saying among linguists that there is no better way to learn a language than to live among the locals, listen to them speak and immerse yourselves in their culture. While not always necessary, it’s commonly thought to be a great factor in helping a person speedily learn a language.

This certainly holds true for a language like Chinese which is not only written in a completely different syntax, but is completely different from anything that a person of western origin might have encountered in their life time. If you have ever wanted to learn Chinese or seen it written somewhere then you will know what we are referring to here.

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Such is the complexity of this language that even people who once learned it, tend to forget it after a long period of non practice. Then of course there is the fact that given the grammatical and vernacular nuances that are involved, book learning can very often turn out to be a tedious and futile exercise when it comes to Chinese.


Study Chinese in China with CLI

Rest assured that there is no better way to speed up your Chinese language skill than by living in China and learning from a native person. At the same time, a majority of us probably do not know of anyone living there or someone who can help us with this endeavour.

CLI Center.

Thankfully CLI (Chinese Language Institute), a Chinese language and cultural study center based in China helps make such a task very easy for the student. While at first glance it may look just like any other language training center, it is much more than that.

The aim of every educator at CLI is not just to impart the nuances of the Chinese language to a student but also to help them learn more about this ancient culture and provide a comprehensively immersive experience to aid better understanding.


Convincing Results

So far CLI has helped students from more than 31 countries, with ages ranging from 7 to 70 learn the language. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner, a mid level hobbyist or an advanced speaker.

CLI caters to the need of students at all level and provides customisable programs as per a student’s needs.

  • Immersion Program – Explore new methods to learn Chinese.
  • College Study Abroad – Emerge your Chinese by studying in China.
  • China Seminars – Experience unforgettable moments.
  • Teach in China – Thanks to CLI’s connections you can teach English in China.

The main motive with which CLI was conceived was to be an alternate to traditional methods of language learning – methods that very often led to nothing more than frustration. It does not take a genius to realize that when it comes to learning, there is nothing worse than a discouraged student.

The main motive with which CLI was conceived was to be an alternate to traditional methods of learning Chinese.


Why are they so successful?

The key to CLI’s high success rates remains their emphasis on immersing a student into the Chinese culture via non-study activities (Photography excursions, adventure sports and cooking lessons etc.) that are combined with hours of daily tutelage with experienced teachers.

One-on-one lesson is by far the most effective way to learn Chinese.

To make it even easier, all the logistics like pickup from the airport, stay arrangements and daily meals are taken care of by CLI too.

One can even choose the integrated housing option where a person of Western origin is paired up with Chinese roommates. Needless to say that would drastically speed up the learning process when you are constantly surrounded by Chinese speakers.

To help students out with finances CLI gives out a bunch of scholarships every year and has plenty of financial aid resources on their website. Heck you can even earn university credit that will count towards your degree back home (or wherever you are studying).

CLI is affiliated with Guangxi Normal University (GXNU) that awards official transcripts recognised by most international colleges and universities.



To summarise, CLI intends to provide a highly immersive language learning experience and while doing that, it gives the student a chance to earn some sought after credits too. Can it get any better? Visit their site to know.

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