German Travel Phrases

If you are thinking about traveling abroad you should take into consideration visiting country located in the heart of Europe and that is Germany. However, lots of people find German language difficult to learn but with these German Travel Phrases you will start to speak like a native! If you ever run into trouble I bet these phrases will help you. So don’t wait and learn them now, Germany is waiting for you!


English  German 
Where can I Exchange money? Wo kann ich Geld wechseln?
Where can I find money Exchange? Wo finde ich eine Wechselstube?
When will it arrive? Wann wird es ankommen?
Is there a good restaurant near by? Gibt es ein gutes Restaurant in der Nähe?
Is there an inexpensive restaurant near by? Gibt es ein nicht zu teures Restaurant in der Nähe?
A restaurant with local specialties. Ein Restarant mit hiesigen Spezialitäten.
How far is it? Wie weit ist es?
Are there Gibt es
Where are the toilettes, please! Wo sind die Toiletten?
Do you sell…? Verkaufen Sie…?
How much is that? Wie viel kostet das?
I can only pay X Euros. Ich kann nur X Euro bezahlen.
Excuse me, where is…? Entschuldigung, wo ist…?
In what direction is X? In welche Richtung ist X?
Is it near? Ist es in der Nähe?
Where is the [entrance/exit]? Wo ist der [Eingang/Ausgang]?
Please bring me to this address. Bitte bringen Sie mich zu dieser Adresse.

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