Why is Germany so Attractive for Tourists?

What comes to your mind when you say Germany? Beer, Cars, Bayern Munich or Angela Merkel? Well, there is much more you can discover about this strict and beautiful country.

Are you interested? Then join us on this journey to knowledge.


Brief Info

Germany is a member of the European Union and with 80,7 million inhabitants is its most populous country and by surface area is its fourth largest country (after France, Spain and Sweden). For more information and facts about Germany read this article where you can also find some crazy news you didn’t know about.

Originally is Germany named the Federal Republic of Germany (in German language: Bundesrepublik Deutschland – for everyone willing to learn the language we recommend to remember it).

german flat

That’s enough of boring facts and let’s start with something interesting, at least for men. How about… cars?



Did you know that first car was invented by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in 1886 in Germany? That’s right, It’s their pride! Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche or VolksWagen these are just few from VW Group and Autostadt is a celebration of all things that VW Group has ever made.

Autostadts and its museums.

This theme park consists of several pavilions and each is related to its own concern and what’s more, we must not forget mentioning The Zeit Haus (Time House) museum, where exposition focuses on the historical development of the automobile.

There are also included exhibition centers for all other automobile brands that are a part of the VolksWagen group – as well as a center where you can pick up your new Volkswagen. In other words, if you are a car enthusiast you should definitely visit Autostadt in Wolfsburg.


About 200 kilometers eastern from Wolfsburg lies capital city of Germany – Berlin. This modern city is a home of culture, science and politics. To give an illustration, remember the Reichstag, historical building which is closely linked with WW2 and with fire that broke out in 1933 under strange circumstances.

However, in 1999 the reconstruction was completed and magnificent glass dome was erected on the roof. Furthermore, Reichstag is not only popular sight but also a seat of parliament.

Reichstag and the glass dome on top of it.

Another key landmark to remember and everyone should visit is Brandenburg Tor.

Neoclassical gate built in 18th century is now glory of Berlin. Over 1 million people can gather here not only to watch major sport events or enjoy parties but also see fireworks on New Year’s Eve and what’s more after winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Germany national football team celebrated their victory in front of this majestic gate.

Sports in Germany

Symbol of the German football team.

This lead us to football and sport generally. Germans are fanatics about every sport, from ice-hockey and football to hand-ball and basketball.

Did you know that Dirk Nowitzki who plays in NBA for Dallas Mavericks comes from Germany? Incredible, right? But also lots of famous football players come from Germany.

As we mentioned before, Germany has won 2014 FIFA World cup and they became Champions. No wonder when they have players like Neuer, Klose, Hummels, Podolski, Kroos, Götze and we could continue.

However, that’s not all, all sports are closely connected with fun and beer, yes that’s right and there’s much more we can tell you about beer and Germans.



Beer and Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest = tasty beer and beautiful women all over the place.

Fest… Oktoberfest. Sounds familiar to you? We guess so!

Everybody has ever heard about the famous beer festival where all you do is to taste this lovely drink, chit-chat with other people, eat German specialties.

One could ask where’s the catch? But there isn’t any!

This parade lasts for almost 2 and a half week, it’s held in Munich and last year (2014) was this event visited by 6,3 million guests who consumed over 6,4 million litres of beer!




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