French Travel Phrases

France is very beautiful country, great for traveling. Lots of French people speak English but what if you get into trouble and English will not help you? In this case I bring you these most common traveling phrases that you will find useful on your journey across France. And what’s more, you’ll find a way from every unpleasant situation.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and learn some French traveling phrases!

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English  French 
Where is the bus stop? Où se trouve l’arrêt de bus?
One way ticket Un aller simple
A round trip ticket Un aller et retour
Do you go to Est-ce que vous allez à
Where can I find the ticket office Où  puis-je trouver le gichet?
Do you have a schedule Avez-vous une horaire?
In what direction do I have to go? Dans quel sens dois-je aller?
How often do the trains run? Quelle est la fréquence des trains.
How many stops are there? Combien d’arrêts y-a-t-il?
Please tell me when we get there? S’il vous plait, dites-vous quand nous y arriverons.
How do I get there? Comment puis-je aller à
Where is the closest metro station? Où est la station metro la plus proche.
How much is the fare? Quel est le prix du trajet?
How long does it stop? Il s’arrête pendant combien de temps.

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