You Should Really Consider Learning These 4 Important Foreign Languages

As the world is tending to be more and more cosmopolitan, there is every day much more you can discover. Starting from just some casual things up to other cultures or foreign languages.

I think that it is very important to improve our skills, brain power or memory. And by learning foreign languages we can achieve this far more easily then with other methods.

Or if you really want to learn a foreign language and you don’t know which one you should pick, you can go through these 4 language as I found them very important in the current economical situation.

What You Will Learn

  • Which foreign language you can learn
  • Why is it good
  • What can these languages offer to you


China has proven itself to be a strong emerging economy. The improvements in technology in China is also evident in its product, for example the Xiao Mi mobile phone company. China is also very well known for manufacturing, power industry, and cheap automobiles.

china-1024x640Big companies in China produce steel, cement, fertilisers and also supply gas, coal and oil.

What’s more, almost everything come from China these days. It’s not a surprise that you can find lots of their stuff selling on eBay.

Therefore, learning Chinese can help you reveal new business opportunities, for example dropshipping.

You already know that Chinese companies are spreading to many countries, including those in South East Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Knowing Chinese will make it easier for you when you are hosting Chinese businessmen or when you are on a trip to the country as you will no longer need an translator.


Much like China, Japan is a country thatjapanese automobile industry is known for its contribution to the world’s technology and automobile industry.

A lot of popular brands originally come from Japan such as Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

Same goes to the banking sector with Mitsubishi financial on the lead. Not to mention electronic companies such as Sony and Panasonic.

Not many people are able to speak Japanese. If you are part of the small number, you will be the person chosen maybe by your company to represent them for the trip to Japan.

It will also help you find a job in Japan if you’re thinking about moving there. And what’s important, if you speak Japanese, you can read their popular Manga comics.


Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken foreign languages in the United States after English. Spanish is also widely used outside of Spain inEA1407_all-american-beef-taco countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, Venezuela, and many others. Take note that Argentina, Chile and Mexico are located in South America, while Equatorial Guinea is in Central Africa.

Spanish is also the national language of Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and Honduras in Central America. Spain itself, is in Europe.

With so many people speaking the language, it will be very beneficial for you to start learning it. After all, these countries are the centre of trades in the Atlantic Ocean.


If you live in Europe, then you should really consider learning German. german industryGerman (or Deutsch) is an important foreign language in a large part of Europe.

People learn it in Russia, the Baltic States, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary.

Although German people are capable of speaking in English, as they export a lot, a good marketing will sell products to German people by presenting it in German.

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