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One time or another we all have heard about or read something about the Chinese Zodiac system. Year of the tiger, year of the rat and so on. Have you ever wondered though, what all that really means and whether there is really any logic behind it all?

Today´s Chinese culture descended from an ancient, old world civilisation and as with every ritual and tradition that they have, the Zodiac system as well, has a system behind it.

Liao Dynasty Tomb Dome Star Map - Constellation encircled by Babylonian Zodiac.
Liao Dynasty Tomb Dome Star Map – Constellation encircled by Babylonian Zodiac.


Chinese signs

The system, referred to as Sheng Xiao is based on a 12 year mathematical cycle, where each year in a particular cycle is represented by an animal sign. The 12 animals that signify the Chinese Zodiac signs are:



Each yearly cycle does not start on the day of the western New Year (January 1st) but starts on the first day of spring. This can vary from year to year how nowadays, the Chinese New Year is commonly used as the day of the start of a new cycle. For 2015, this day was 19th of February (year of the goat) while for 2016; the date is 8th of February (year of the monkey).


How do I find my Chinese zodiac sign?

Finding your Chinese zodiac sign is very easy. It is done using your year of birth. So for instance if you were born between spring of 1994 and spring of 1995, your sign is a dog, as 1994 was the year of the dog. Similarly, someone born after the Spring Day of 1976 would be a dragon, as it was the year of the dragon. Below is an easy reference chart that will help you determine your own Chinese zodiac sign.

Find your Chinese Zodiac sign using your year of birth.

The animal sign assigned to a person based on their year of birth is not the only zodiac sign that they usually have.

A Chinese person will traditionally have a sign assigned to them based on their month of birth (inner animal sign), day of birth (true animal sign) and hour of birth (secret animal sign). Chinese astrologers consider the month of birth to be the most important factor of all when it comes to determining the course of a person’s whole life.

The zodiac sign assigned to a person based on their hour of birth on the other hand is considered to be the true representation of that person.


What is the significant of Chinese zodiac signs?

The Chinese believe that a person’s zodiac signs can tell a lot about them, how they are on the inside and how they will be perceived by others.

For example, a person with an ox sign is considered industrious while someone who is dragon will be known for his or her strength.

It is also widely believed in China that when the year of your zodiac sign comes around it will bring bad luck to you. The way to negate that undesirable effect is to wear red items that are given or gifted to you by someone else. Under no circumstances shall a person buy these items themselves and adorn them.

Speaking of luck, the Chinese say that you can determine the lucky days of a month based on your Chinese zodiac sign.

So for a person who is an ox, lucky days will be the 13th and the 27th of the month and for someone who is a dragon, it will be the 1st or the 16th of any given month.


Sign’s compatibility

The Chinese zodiac sign system also dictates that certain signs are better compatible with some and not so much with others. For instance, a tiger’s best match is a pig, a horse or a dog while they are very unlikely to get along with a monkey, ox or a snake.

Find your compatible partner.

This interesting zodiac system, that originated thousands of years ago during the times of the Han Dynasty, is still widely prevalent and is regularly used as a part of Feng Shui astrology. If you are looking for some luck in your life, maybe it is time to give it a try yourself.

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