Chinese Travel Phrases – At the Airport

You are probably traveling to China or you just want to learn some additional Chinese phrases.

That’s great! You are at the right place!

In the following table you will find several important phrases that you may find useful at the Chinese airport. Each of these phrases are very easy to learn and you only have to pay attention to the right tones! What’s more, we provide you also the correct pronunciation.

So whenever you have to ask, you will sound like a fluent Chinese speaker.

How long is the flight? 
fēi xíng shí jiān yǒu duō cháng
How long is the stopover?  间?
zhōng jiān tíng liú duō cháng shí jiān
Is the flight very busy?

zhè ge háng bān máng ma
When do I have to be at the gate? 
děi shén me shí hòu dēng kǒu
Will you serve a hot meal? 
men gòng shí ma
How many pieces of luggage can I take?  李?
dài jiàn xíng li
Do I need a visa? 
yào qiān zhèng ma
How long is the visa valid for?  久?
qiān zhèng yǒu xiào yǒu duō jiǔ
I would like to have an aisle seat, please. 
qǐng gěi kào zǒu láng de zuò wèi
I would like to have a window seat, please.  位。
qǐng gěi kào chuāng kǒu de zuò wèi

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