Introduce yourself in Chinese with these simple phrases!

Whatever reason you have to learn Chinese, according to the Ultimate Chinese Guide it’s always clever to start with the basics. By learning these phrases below, you will manage to introduce yourself, and ask easy questions without any hassle.

What’s more, with the audio provided for each phrase, you will easily learn the proper pronunciation right away, and you will sound almost like a native in just few seconds!

What is your name?什么名字
jiào shénme míngzi?
My name is ... ... 
jiào ...
What is your family name?贵姓
nín guìxìng ?
 My last name is ... ...
xing ...
 I am glad to meet you.  
rèn shí , hěn ɡāo xìnɡ.
 How are you? 嗎 
hǎo ma ?
Well, thanks. 
Hěn hǎoxiè xiè.
 A little busy. 
Yǒu diǎn er máng.
 And you?   ?
zěn me yàng

When you are done, you can continue learning other Chinese phrases, reading about traditional Chinese customs, or Top 5 Chinese inventions that changed the world.

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