Basic Japanese Phrases

Here you can read and learn the basic Japanese phrases if you are considering or you are already decided to study Japanese language. To learn the basic phrases is the best way how to begin. Be sure that you will use them every day if you visit or move to Japan. To prove to others that you are serious about the learning I also recommend you the Rocket Japanese, an online language course which really works and effectively helps you to reach your dream language skills.

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English  Japanese 
Good morning. Ohayo gozaimasu.
Good afternoon. Kon-nichiwa.
Good evening. (greeting) Konbanwa.
Hello, my name is John. Hajimemashite. Jon to mooshimasu.
What is your name? Onamae wa nanto osshaimasuka.
How are things? Dodesuka, cho-oshiwa.
Fine, thanks. Eeh, okagesamade.
How are you? Ogenki desuka.
I am fine. Genki desu.
Nice to meet you. Oai dekite yokattadesu.
Goodbye. Sayoonara.
See you later. Mata kondo.

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