Important, Funny and Basic Facts about Italy You Didn’t Know About!

Map of Italy.
Map of Italy.

Italy lies in the southern Europe and it belongs to the most beautiful countries in the world. What’s more, thanks to its shape people usually call it ‘the boot‘ (maybe that’s the reason why are Italians so much interested in fashion). Just take look at the map in the upper-right corner and you’ll find out why.

  • Official name: Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana)
  • Capital city: Rome
  • Language: Italian, in some regions in Northern Italy also French and German
  • Population: 60,795,612 (2014)
  • Area: 301,338 km2
  • Longest river: Po (652 km)
  • Highest mountain: Mont Blanc
  • Currency:  Euro (€)
  • Flag: Green, white and red stripes

There are quite a lot of other things you may want to know about the world’s fifth most visited country. Lets take a look at the most interesting facts!


Brief Overview

Italy has got its name from the Greek word “italos”, meaning calf. The name was given to the Calabria region by the Greek settlers. However, when the Roman emperor Augustus came to power, it was extended to the whole peninsula

A population of well over 61 million makes Italy Europe’s fifth most populous country. The biggest city and capital of Italy is Roma (Rome), which is also popularly known as the ‘Eternal city’. Rome is home to around 2.6 million people.

Famous Fountain Trevi located in the hearth of Rome.

Just like many other countries in Europe, the Euro has been the currency of Italy since 2001. Before 2001, it used to be the Italian Lira.



The highest mountain of Italy - Mont Blanc (4800 m)
The Mont Blanc (4800 m)

Italy shares its borders with France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, while San Marico and Vatican city being its enclaves.

It has a coastline of around 7,600 kilometers. As far as the land area is concerned, it’s well over 300,000 square kilometers, with around 7,200 square kilometers of it being water.

Coming to some other details, the country’s largest mountain, Monte Bianco, more popularly known as Mont Blanc, is located in the Alps, and is around 4,800m. Italy also boasts of being home to many deep and long lakes, with the largest one being Garda.


Historical Milestones

Rome, Italy’s capital city, was founded as back as in 753BC. However, the country has actually had a pretty long history, with things getting worse with the fall of the Roman Empire in the 395AD. This had led to the emergence of several small kingdoms.

It managed to overcome all the difficulties and a single nation was formed from all such separate and small kingdoms in 1861. It even included the islands of Sardegna and Sicily. It still actually remained as a kingdom until 1946.


Languages and Culture

Mona Lisa

Though Italian is one of the major languages, there are actually 15 other languages in the country, including French, German, Ladin, as well as native ones such as Friulian and Sardinian.

Italy also boasts of being home to some of the most popular artists of the world, including the ones such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and many others.


”Crazy” facts you didn’t know!

Let us know take a look at some really interesting facts about the country.

  • As much as around 7% of Italy’s GDP comes from the Italian mafia
  • A surprising thing about the country is that around one-third of its population haven’t used the Internet ever
  • Despite being the eight largest economy in the world, more than half of Italy’s population can’t even afford a vacation
  • Around half a million people in the country need to seek help of an exorcist

Now you should know enough facts about Italy and you should be ready to take our quiz about Italy!

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