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Lovely, sunny Spain! The country full of life, dance, celebrations, delicious seafood and football. Do you want to relax or enjoy the party of your life? Then don’t hesitate and go visit Spain! Still not decided? Then read following interesting facts about this gorgeous country and you will see…

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is the South-western European country located on the Iberian
Peninsula. It is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, DSC31951-1024x685Mediterranean Sea, Bay of Biscay, and borders with Portugal, Andorra and France. The capital city of Spain is beautiful Madrid.

Spain is famous for many things such as celebrations called fiestas, olives, oranges, Spanish football, sangría, paella or flamenco. But we can’t forget about the Spanish people! Even though they are known as a temperament, hot-headed and explosive, they are rather warm, friendly and enthusiastic. Inhabitants of this sunny country know the best how to enjoy life and every single moment.



If you don’t believe you can experience it on your own. Just plan your visit when a celebration is scheduled.  It won’t be a problem as there are so many of them! More than 3 fiestas every month (some are national, some are local) prove how Spanish people adore parties no matter what they celebrate. No party is big enough, nothing is too much – everything is POMPOUS!

toros_en_san_ferminCarnivals with parades, masks, music and dance – the most famous are those in Cádiz and Tenerife but they are in many other cities as well.

Las Fallas – the celebration of fire when huge wooden statues of famous people are burned.

La Tomatina is another crazy occasion which is actually a battle with tomatoes which takes place in Valencia.

Even though it seems curious it is nothing in comparison with Sanfermineswhich you may know from Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises. This festival in Pamplona lasts one whole week and it includes the famous encierro, the running of the bulls. It looks really incredible and believe me – it is VERY dangerous!


spanish flat


plzen_cz_Olivovy_olejSpanish cuisine is not very popular but on the other side it is delicious and very healthy. Food is mostly composed of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood such as salmon, tuna or shrimps. Moreover, as producers of olive oil the Spanish use it in almost every meal.




paellaIf you decide to visit Spain, don’t forget to try Paella – typical Spanish meal made of rice, seafood and vegetables. The important part of the meal is also saffron and, of course, olive oil. It’s originally from Valencia but it’s sooo good, that you can order it everywhere.

Spain is very warm country and in such a hot weather you need something refreshing – there is nothing better than Gazpacho. Gazpacho is vegetable soup made of tomatoes and served cold. It might look weird but it’s really refreshing.

tapasWhat else you should try to taste? Definitely tapas! Tapas are mostly served in bars as savour with wine or beer. There are many kinds of tapas for example with olives, cheese, ham or many others.



Another key thing to remember is that Spain is a great sangriaproducer of wine. Especially the red wine which is also used in Sangría which is special alcoholic beverage that consists also of brandy, a sweetener and chopped fresh fruit.

So was this enough interesting for you? Have you decided yet? Don’t forget to learn Spanish before you hit the road! You can start with basic phrases or you can even try this 6 day trial Spanish course.


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